About Us

Troop Information

Troop 261 was formed in 1958,  Today, Troop 261 has roughly 45 registered scouts.  This boy-led troop empowers boys to be leaders by allowing them to develop a troop program and then take responsibilty for figuring out how to achieve their goals.  They accomplish this by electing a senior patrol leader who leads the troop under the guidance of the scoutmaster. 


Troop meetings are held at the First United Methodist Church, 1200 South Street, Castle Rock. We meet downstairs most every Tuesdays, year around, starting at 7:00 pm and ending around 8:30, depending on the activity.  Small group meetings are held prior to or after this time, as needed.  We skip some weeks, to fit holidays and activities. Watch the posted calendar and e-mail notifications!  Due to the high volume of meetings on Tuesdays, the church asks that we enter the building through the lower level doors on the south side of the building. We do not use the upstairs or main doors, except when we have an event upstairs.

Troop Activities

The Scouts typically plan troop activities, with guidance from the adults.  Camping trips are scheduled almost every month.  In December of each year the troop meets on a Saturday to plan the calendar for the next year.  This calendar is posted and is sent to troop members via email in January. 

Each year the troop participates in summer camp, a district camporee, a district winter klondaree, and a high adventure trip in addition to the other camping activities. 

Service projects for our sponsoring organization as well as for the community are also scheduled.

The patrols are encouraged to have quarterly activities at the patrol level; this could be a patrol campout or simply going bowling on a weekend afternoon.  This is done to encourage cohesiveness at the patrol level.


Hiking and Camping are a major part of our troop’s activities.  The place where Scouting works best is also where the boys most want to be—outdoors.  Camping provides opportunities to use the skills they learn, to practice patience, respect for others and the environment, and to test leadership skills.  It is where the adventure awaits. 

Our troop typically has a camping or outdoor activity each month.